Photo from Elizabeth Gibert. 

You don’t have to be miserable. If something isn’t feeding your soul, if something is bringing you down, get out of it! I promise that if you follow your passion, you will be successful. I am so thankful for my loving husband that has helped me to realize this. I walked away from a corporate job to follow my passion and I have never felt better or been happier. Yes it was scary but it has worked. Tomorrow, 11-11 is a new moon. Take this oppturunity for a new beginning, manifest your dreams, claim your happiness and be well. Don’t wait to begin to live! 


My reasons…


The reason I get up every day and put my best foot forward, the reason I am happy, the reason I am exhausted, most days. These four lil sprites came to me to love them, teach them nourish them and help them be the best they can be. I am constantly reading, wondering, thinking of how to raise them in a healthy home with healthy habits. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with all of the debate and opinion out there, raw milk vs pasteurized, vaccines, fluoride toothpaste, processed meat, gluten, soaps…the list goes on and on but I do my best every day, and that is all that counts. At the end of the day these babes know that their mama and daddy are doing the best they can.


Here I go…

I met the most beautiful, wise and insightful lady on Sunday that told me I needed to blog….so here I am. I am going to blog about my experience with holistic health and the knowledge that I have gained since being introduced to this practice in 2002.